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Viva. Armenia's leading technology company introduces a new trademark

01.07.2024   21:35 5390 Տնտեսական

Armenia's leading technology company “Viva Armenia” CJSC unveils a new trademark (brand). From now on, “Viva Armenia” CJSC will operate under the trademark Viva instead of Viva-MTS.

The updated brand Viva reflects a qualitatively new level of digital services, the company’s updated positioning in the market and a new development strategy. Viva contains an updated identity of the company, symbolizing new positions and capabilities in the market, continuous improvement of services, a new perception of services, quality and the company’s value system by clients and other beneficiaries. The new brand is a new message of the company in response to expectations of customers.

The Company’s digital transformation has produced tangible results: highly demanded new digital services and solutions, successful entry into new market sectors with the increasing use of big data and information technology.

The updated Viva brand conveys the main idea in a new way: serving the technological capabilities of Viva to the needs and expectations of individuals and society as a whole.

The new slogan Around you symbolizes the essence and purpose of the Viva brand: to be a client’s life partner, provide the necessary connection with the world and give the opportunity to fully express their emotions.

Public opinion research regarding Viva

The Viva brand has high recognition among customers. The company, which entered the market in 2005 and has become synonymous with technology leadership and innovation, is trusted by the public, and shows growth in terms of key performance indicators.

A survey conducted in February 2024 in Yerevan and the regions shows that the vast majority of respondents would prefer to keep the brand name and the color of the company logo unchanged. The survey results were distributed as follows: more than 75.4% of respondents were in favor of preserving the brand name (company logo) of the company.

Only 7.3% were in favor of changing the name. However, it should be noted that 69.7% of those who supported changing the company name offered options where the base name Viva is present.

To the question “Do you like the color of the logo?” 77.2% of respondents answered positively.

63.1% of respondents were in favor of preserving the logo color.

Viva development strategy

Viva continues to develop towards information and telecommunications technologies (ICT). The basis of the strategy is the use of IT solutions in the service sector and business diversification: combined tariff plans with the most popular applications, expansion of convergent solutions and distribution of fixed-line services - Internet and digital television even in the most remote settlements of Armenia. These fundamental directions will continue to determine the company's development in the coming years. Further development of the 5G network remains a priority. Cloud technologies and solutions integrated with CRM systems for business also remain a priority.

Speech by Viva CEO on brand renewal

“Today Viva is much more than just a telecom operator. It is a leading technology company with a presence in various market segments offering digital services and solutions. Viva's competitive advantages include the pace of digital transformation, strong business ecosystems, diversification of development areas, a team with professional skills to achieve its goals, an effective corporate governance system, stable growth of key indicators, customer satisfaction and loyalty. In the sum of all this, the reputation of the Viva brand is even more valuable. Viva is one of the exemplary companies in the Armenian economy and one of the pillars of the country’s economic growth,” Viva General Director Armen Avetisian said.

Shareholder structure of Viva

20% of the shares of “Viva Armenia” CJSC belong to the Republic of Armenia, which is a completely new level of responsibility for Viva, whereas the 80 % belong to “FEDILCO GROUP LIMITED”.  Since the beginning of 2024, the company is no longer part of the MTS group.

The Visual Language of Viva

The basis of Viva's visual language consists of two fundamental forms: the square and the circle. Iconography is created employing both square and circular forms to evoke a sense of 'friendlyTECH'.

This sign works in two ways – it is both a receiver and a giver. We receive emotions and feedback from our customers, collect and work on them, and then give back to the people. This cycle of interaction and improvement underscores Viva's commitment to not just providing services but enhancing the lives of its customers.

The font features technological components integrated in a friendly manner, reflecting the essence of company's ethos.

The New Slogan

The new slogan, Around You, encapsulates Viva's essence — being a constant presence in the lives of its customers, ensuring they remain connected to what truly matters: family, friends, emotions, and meaningful connections. It signifies that friendliness is around us, tech is around us, friendlyTECH is around us, Viva is around us. Here's to the next chapter of staying connected, innovating, and growing together.

Viva – around you since 2005.

During the press conference, the General Director of Viva answered the journalists' questions. In particular, to the question of what surprises await the customers, Armen Avetisyan informed that:

  1. From July 1, the monthly fee of the popular "UNLIM" postpaid tariff plan will be reduced from 4,500 to 3,900 drams, which is perhaps the most affordable offer in the market today.
  2. In postpaid tariff plan Y, YouTube is added without consuming the basic internet package, the activation fee is AMD 3000, and the included internet traffic is increased from 20 GB to 30 GB.
  3. During active period of trips abroad, the price of the "VOYAGE 30" package for a new Viva subscriber changes from AMD 4,000 to AMD 2,000. It includes 1,000 MB of Internet until September 2 inclusive.
  4. "Wi-Fi Calling" service is supplemented with the ability to send SMS, which is a logical continuation of "Wi-Fi Calling" service. Wi-Fi Calling can come in places where the cellular connection is relatively weak, such as when you're in an underground, semi-basement, country house, or anywhere else where the connection is poor but Wi-Fi is available. Even a call made abroad using Wi-Fi Calling is considered local, that is, local tariffs apply. When making a call with Wi-Fi Calling, the recipient of call does not need to have Wi-Fi Calling service active to be able to answer the call.
  5. "Wi-Fi Calling" is an exclusive service of Viva. The number of subscribers using "Wi-Fi Calling" and "Voice over LTE" crossed the 1 million mark.



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